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Ordering process
We ship to every country in the EU and US. You can see the exact shipping costs on the checkout page. If your country is not listed or our shipping calculator goes blub just shoot us a message and we will send you a custom quote.

One of the perks of buying at Fatdaddy is that you don’t have to worry about the warranty. Most products are backed by the manufacturer itself. If not we provide you with a 6-months warranty for the main parts except from moving or electronics.

This is different per order. We sell both stock and pre-orders. Stock items are mostly send the same day. Pre-orders are products who we need to order. You’ll get frequently messages about the status of your order.

Right now you can pay through iDEAL, PayPal, CreditCard, Bitcoin and Overboeking. Do you want to pay in a different way? Send it to us in a message.

Yes we do. But we don’t just sponsor everybody who just wants to have a free board and will make a review. You need to have something that makes us want you. Also if you are just in it for the free boards please don’t send us messages, we will not give you a Boostedboard or Evolve for free. We will however support you heavily if we partner up in the long haul.

You get an invoice once the order is completed. Safeguard the invoice because it’s also you warranty.

Once you’ve placed your order you’ll get a Fatdaddy account. In your account you track your order, change the delivery address or send a message to our warehouses.

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Electric Skateboards

Riding a Boosted board is different from riding a regular skateboard, so please start off slowly even if you’re a skateboarding veteran. Find a large, empty parking lot to practice in. Don’t be in a hurry to graduate to the street; take your time and get comfortable with your balance and controls first.

How the remote works:
To activate the motors, hold down the Engage Button. With the motors engaged, roll the throttle wheel forward for forward motion, slightly back for light braking, and all the way back to come to a quick stop and then move into reverse. Be sure to hold down the Engage Button at all times when riding or you’ll have a skateboard with no power or braking.

How to stand:
We’ll refer to stances using skating terminology, left foot forward is “regular stance” and right foot forward is “goofy stance.” Choose the stance that you feel most comfortable in.
Take a wide stance and bend from the knees to lower your center of gravity. Remember to lean slightly forward on acceleration, and slightly onto your back leg when braking. It’s also important to look where you want to go, not at the ground, just like you would when driving a car.

How to turn:
Turning is identical to turning with an unpowered skateboard. If you want to turn right, lean your weight so that the right side of the board is lowered toward the ground. This will feel like you’re putting all your weight onto your heels or your toes, depending on your stance. The same technique will turn you left. Remember to keep your head up and your eyes looking through the turn. By leaning slightly forward onto your front leg, you’ll improve your turning ability as well as mitigate the chances of you slipping off the back of the board.

When you’re ready to ride:
Start by practicing in a parking lot. Find a smooth location without traffic and practice stopping abruptly. Remember, people aren’t used to skateboards going this fast and may step out, pedal, or drive right in front of you.

Once you’ve mastered riding in open areas, you can try graduating to the streets with traffic. When you’re ready for more acceleration, press the multi-button on the remote three times and you’ll move into eco mode and then three more presses for pro mode. Make sure that you have practiced all the skills you need before this point, especially unpowered stopping (aka footbraking), and kick pushing. You’re required to follow all the rules of the road that bicyclists follow, including riding in the bike lane. Remember, unlike cars, bikes, and pedestrians, you never have the inherent right of way. Always be ready to yield to others and please ride defensively!

Regenerative Braking

You can conserve battery power and increase your range just by using the regenerative braking feature of your Boosted board. You will likely generate the most return of energy while braking to slow down from higher speeds or braking down a steep incline. Braking from ~22 to ~5mph or walking pace will generate a greater return of power. Slowing the final 5mph to 0mph may actually start using energy again. Coasting or kick pushing the board helps to conserve energy, and can put charge back into the battery in small amounts as well.


Braking downhill on a full battery charge will cause the board to lose braking capabilities since the regenerative braking will cause the battery to overcharge. When this happens, the remote will warn you by beeping, and you’ll lose your braking power. Safely come to a stop before this happens. Start by riding uphill or on flatter ground to help drain the battery and prevent this from happening.

Tips for Conserving Battery Charge:

  • Ride in eco mode for better range than expert or pro mode.
  • Kick push to start and then slowly engage the motors, rather than accelerating from a full stop using only the motors.
  • When braking from high speeds, brake smoothly until you reach the speed of fast walking then footbrake to a stop.
  • Avoid riding up steep hills when possible.
  • Avoid riding into strong winds when possible.

Traditional skateboarding skills are very important to learn and will help you get the most out of your Boosted board. You can kick push the board as you would any regular skateboard and coast down hills with ease. Not only will kick pushing be useful if you run out of charge, it can also be used to extend your range and improve your balance. If you can, try kick pushing up to speed from a dead stop and when you’re riding at low speeds. This will conserve a good amount of charge for when you really need it, like when riding uphill.

How to kick push:

  • Start with your front foot pointing forward.
  • Bring your back foot off the deck and then bring it parallel to the front wheels, slightly off to the side.
  • Next, push your foot against the ground to propel the board forward, making sure to avoid your back wheels.
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • Put your foot back on the deck and reposition your stance to your comfort. Ride on!


  • Start with small pushes. As you get more comfortable, extend your foot further and further forward to get a bigger push off.
  • Be sure to put your foot far enough out to the side that you don’t catch it on the rear wheels. This is a common mistake that may cause you to fall.
  • Your stance should be fluid and change as your balance shifts. Get comfortable moving your feet around the deck while riding.
  • You might find you’re more comfortable pushing with your front foot while your rear foot remains on the board. This is called pushing “mongo,” and while it is discouraged by skaters, it isn’t necessarily wrong. However, footbraking mongo is very unstable. It results in more pushing power but less steering control, so we advise against it.

Most electric skateboards go around 30km/h. There are certain boards who can go faster.

Knowing how to footbrake is essential to riding safely. In an emergency situation, like if you drop your remote or encounter interference, the board reverts to an unpowered skateboard and you must be able to stop without using reverse braking. Please only ride at speeds and on hills where you would be comfortable without power and brakes.

How to footbrake:

  • Reposition your front foot to point forward and bend your knee.
  • Face straight ahead and put your back foot out to the side of the board, in line with the front foot.
  • Aim to touch the ground with your heel first; slowly apply pressure and roll your foot flat.
  • As you footbrake harder, don’t allow your foot to drift too far back or it will hit your rear wheel.


  • Start learning at slower speeds on flat, even pavement.
  • Practice getting up to speed, positioning your front foot and touching your heel down, then returning to your stance without braking to get used to balancing.
  • Be sure to put your foot far enough out to the side that you don’t catch it on the rear wheels. This is a common mistake that may cause you to fall.
  • Keep your weight even across the bottom of your foot. If you put too much weight forward on your toes, your foot will chatter and skip. Stay calm–quick and jittery movements will cause you to lose your balance.
  • Learn to footbrake in conjunction with the Boosted board’s brakes for faster stopping power.

Guidelines for airline treatment of lithium battery-powered electronic devices in passenger baggage are issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA’s current guidelines stipulate the following for portable electronic devices brought aboard a passenger aircraft as either checked or carry-on baggage:

The device must have a watt-hour rating of less than or equal to 100Wh.
The Boosted Mini S and Mellow Drive both meets these requirements and is marked as such by a label on the top of the battery pack. All other boards will not be permitted on a regular flight.

Although IATA’s guidelines are widely adopted within the airline industry, each airline defines its own regulations. We highly suggest calling the airline prior to travel, especially if you plan to take your board on an international flight.

The optimal way to transport the board is to remove the battery pack, place it in your carry-on, and check the skateboard alone as luggage. Many of our customers have also successfully brought the skateboard on as a carry-on and placed it in the overhead bins, in the coat closet, or in other available cabin space with the assistance of a flight attendant.

No. Electric skateboards and Boosted Boards are not waterproof. They are however water resistant. This does not mean that you should ride around on wet surfaces because that is dangerous and can be bad for your electronics.

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Electric bike rental

Our regular opening-hours are monday to sunday from 09:00 to 20:00 hours. If you rent a electric bike with your accommodation you need to return the bike within their opening-hours.

Included in our electric bike rental is the premium electric bike (duuh), a charger, lock and a city map. The charger is in a bag where you also have a single use bottle to repair your tire (if used 5 euro’s will be charged).

Renting a electric bike with us is really simple; you book your rental online or walk into one of our stores, you choose the bike you want and within 5 minutes you are good to go.

In fact we do! We love to show you around our beautiful city in your own pace. Our guides are all locals who tailor-make the experience for you. You can book the tours directly with your electric bike rental online or add it in our shops.

Yes we have multiple types to choose from. We have electric bike that are great within the city center but we also have electric mountainbikes or electric racebikes.

No we do not. We only rent electric bikes. If you are looking for a manual bike we are more then happy to help you with that.

It’s not mandatory but we prefer if you can book at your earliest connivance. If we know you are renting a electric bike with us we can set it up and polish them for you. If you want to spontaneous rent a electric bike with us you can always walk into the store. This does not guarantee that we have them.

You can verify your rental with a passport, national identity card or a driver’s license. We will store this in a safe location and you will get it back afterwards. If you book online you can also upload one of the documents in your account.

Yes we can. For a small fee we will deliver it to every hotel, apartment, hostel, (Air)BnB or camper within the city borders of the shops.

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Visit our flagship store

Vijzelgracht 7, 1017 HM Amsterdam

Our store is open 7 days a week from 09:00 to 20:00. Phone: +31 20 716 3925 Email: [email protected] You can also send us a WhatsApp by clicking on this while being on your phone.

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