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Inboard Backpack (for electric skateboard)


Carry everything you need, protect your valuables, and stay hands-free with a comfortable and versatile bag. Too many things and not enough hands? The BoardPack is your new best friend; a must-have accessory subway stations, or getting to the top floor of that office building.

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3 reviews for Inboard Backpack (for electric skateboard)

  1. The Rider Pack (verified owner)

    The Inboard M1 backpack is great. Love that it has a place to store the battery packs, and it has good amount of space for all your stuff. What great about the backpack is has a place to carry your board perfectly. The safety helmet fit perfectly and very comfortable as well as protecting you.

  2. Board Bag + Helmet (verified owner)

    Excellent gear !

  3. Bag (verified owner)

    Very. Good

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