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Evolve GT Bamboo All-Terrain


If ever the Evolve Carbon GT and the Bamboo GT had a love child, this would be it!  The Bamboo GTX series combines the high performance attributes of the Carbon GT and morphs these features into a slick new looking Bamboo deck.

We overhauled the Bamboo GT deck with a massive lithium battery whilst fine tuning the deck flex and laser cutting the grip-tape.  We then oversized our Evolve GT street wheels to an all new 97mm sizing and blinged out the 3000 watt motors to a gold finish.  What’s the result you ask?  The ‘Mac Daddy’ of electric bamboo boards capable of reaching speeds of 43km/hr with a huge battery range of up to 50km/charge and a sweet deck flex that allows for a comfortable ride!

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Additional Information

Color Black, Wood
Battery type Lithium
Charging time 3.5 hours
Climbing grade 25%
Max weight 100kg
Motor 3000w
Range 20km (depending on rider weight)
Regenerative breaks Yes
Speed 35km/h (depending on rider weight)
Weight 9.5kg
Deck 7 Layer Canadian Maple Wood, Bamboo
Wheel size 7”

Deck material



Top speed


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