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DTV Shredder

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Ever felt like riding a tank but don’t want to join the army? The DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) Shredder is a all-terrain, all-weather, all-year and all-in fun machine. The powerful 4 stroke 196cc engine and tank treads are able to plow through sand, snow, trails and mud at amazing high speeds and accuracy.

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Dual Tracked Vehicle

The DTV Shredder is the first true crossover vehicle for recreation, utility or whatever you want to use it for. A combination of tank, skateboard, snowboard and surfboard, the DTV Shredder is the first Dual Track Vehicle that is all-terrain, all season capable. Own a DTV Shredder and your outdoors becomes your personal playground to explore. The DTV Shredder is compact enough to fit in most SUV’s and get up to four DTV Shredders into most pick-up trucks.

Ride everywhere

Radical in style with two aggressive tank-treads, a pivoting skateboard-style deck and a powerful 4-stroke 208cc engine make it capable of traveling through dirt, mud, sand and snow with ease all year round. Own a DTV Shredder and you will quickly see that it is like no other ride on the planet – enjoy an exhilarating stand-up ride and control the Dual CVT Transmission through the pivoting deck steering mechanism and feel like you’re surfing on land.

Get to know the Shredder

General Machine Specification

✓ Overall vehicle size: 43” x 27.25” x 23” (LxWxH) with handle in lowered position 52.5” (H) with handle in upright position
✓ Machine weight: 250lbs. (113kg)
✓ Top Speed 25 mph (40 km/h), with factory gearing
✓ All-terrain capability
✓ 12v Lead acid battery system


✓ 208cc, 14hp @ 5,400 rpm, 15ft·lb torque, 4-stroke gasoline engine
✓ Dellorto ECS control system
✓ EPA Certified
✓ Electric Start

Chassis/Suspension/Drive Systems

✓ Robotic arc welded tube frame construction
✓ 6-point, independently articulating suspension system Patented, variable speed, track-biasing CVT system Paddle-style, reinforced, continuous molded rubber track (x 2) Integrated optional tow hitch
✓ Cast aluminum swing-arms

Control System

✓ Pivoting deck steering mechanism (skateboard style) 15° deck lean angle left-right, from horizontal
✓ Fixed handle position left-right, multiple incline positioning front-back Thumb throttle acceleration
✓ Dual hydraulic disc brake, hand lever
✓ Several international patents


Shipping to every EU country for as low as €399*!

Shipping something as the DTV Shredder isn’t cheap. But we manage to get special prices on airfreight to every airport in the EU! This means you can ride your own Shredder within a week!

*this does not include local customs and taxes.

Riding the Shredder might not be legal in your country (we kinda get why). Ask your local government before buying one. The advertised price is excl VAT but incl shipping within The Netherlands and Denmark, excl shipping to other EU countries. 

2 reviews for DTV Shredder

  1. Lucas Cooney (verified owner)

    The DTV Shredder is no ordinary motorized vehicle, making it difficult to define. However, Lucas Cooney and Devin Persaud describe it perfectly – a stand-up Jet Ski, dual track vehicle for land. Cooney and Persaud go into detail about the mechanics, specs and ultimately how to ride the machine. What stands out about the DTV is the steering. Instead of using the handles, you apply your weight directionally left or right on the deck of the machine – similar to snowboarding. The DTV is for all season, all terrain. Both Cooney and Persaud had the luxury of riding on a day filled with fresh powder. It was a steeper learning curve, but with a bit of a challenge follows great reward. “After maybe 20 minutes of trail riding, I noticed my arms were basically spent. I was leaning forward with plenty of weight on my arms, which is apparently the wrong thing to do. The DTV test riders told me to stand more upright and just use my hands to control the throttle and brakes, which eased much of the burden my arms were carrying.”

  2. cnet (verified owner)

    Since the Shredder will go wherever you point it, the real task becomes just staying on the thing.

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