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Visa, check. everything packed, check. sunglasses, check. But how do you travel around the city you are going to? Using public transport van be confusing and liming your fun while traveling and exploring in a brand new city.

Luckily Fatdaddy is here to help you. With 4 stores in 4 different countries and next day shipping we can supply you wit a cheap electric skateboard rental service in almost every city in the EU. We’ve partnered with Boosted Boards to provide you electric skateboards of the highest quality.

There are two ways to rent an electric skateboard with us;

Pick it up at our stores or our rental partners
You book your Boosted board online, select your pickup location and pay online. Your board will be there and ready when you arrive.

Let it get delivered to your hotel or bed and breakfast
You book your Boosted board online, pay online and forward to your hotel or BNB. We will ship your board the same day to the address you are staying at, including in the package is a retour label which you can use when you are finished with the rental. Just drop it off at a post-office and you are done.

We have shops in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Aarhus (Denmark), Malaga (Spain) and Zagreb (Croatia).

Please check the legal status of the item that you want to rent in the local country you are going to rent.